10 innovative HR related startups in Europe
Nov 10, 2018
With the HR tech scene shifting to a more automated approach, a new movement of HR related startups have emerged across Europe. These startups have developed new ways to automate and customize specific HR functions for better engagement, greater efficiency, and superior performance.

These startups are dramatically changing HR’s current look and function and have reasonable chances to disrupt the HR industry. Here is a list of 10 HR startups from across Europe.  

Jobbatical matches business, technology and creative professionals with companies hiring talent around the world. Founded out of Tallinn, Estonia, in 2014 the company helps connect people looking for international jobs in the tech and creative sector and companies that hire remotely working employees. The company has raised $ 7.9 million and has over 220,000 users, from more than 196 countries.  

MeetFrank, the HR startup from Estonia was founded in 2017. It works as a chatbot and interacts directly with users, analyzing their needs and proposing suitable job advertisements. In total, MeetFrank already has 125,000 active users in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, and most recently, Germany. 2,000 companies currently use MeetFrank’s service to attract new employees through the anonymous recruiting app. Hummingbird VC, Karma VC, and Change Ventures invested €1 million in the Tallinn-based startup.  

Hibob, The London and Tel Aviv-based benefits platform startup was founded in 2015. It features bob, a cloud based software that is used as a central hub for all information about the people. The company’s bob is used to see, manage, and engage with the things that the teams are most passionate about and allows all the staff to see, understand, and engage with their benefits.  The company has raised about $25 million so far and is currently working on expanding into foreign markets.  

Zapiens, founded in April 2015, by Ivan Arrizabalaga, Marina Vidiago and Samuel Ordieres, is a knowledge management system that uses artificial intelligence, focused on connecting the knowledge inside companies. It serves to respond to employees' questions as well as a training and educational tool for the management of intra-company knowledge. Its current customers include Vodafone, Iberostar, Siemens and Unilever to name a few. The company has secured about €200K in seed funding.  

Productive Mobile, founded in 2014 by serial entrepreneurs Yann Le Gouic, from France, and Anthony Hsiao, from Germany, the startup’s goal is to become a leader in the growing field of Human Process Augmentation. The company’s software simplifies and automates manual tasks that still require human interaction by enabling customers to quickly design simple, modern and personalized applications, and easily connect them with a company’s existing IT infrastructure. Productive Mobile has raised about €3.4 million in seed funding so far.