10 inovative startups for seniors
Nov 10, 2018
These startups are developing platforms, apps, sites and devices designed to help seniors manage their health, live independently and maintain family and social connections.

Senior care is a large and growing market; adults 65 and older will outnumber children in the United States for the first time by 2035, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. As their number increases, so does the demand for senior care. Here is a list of 10 startups aimed at helping seniors:

Hometeam provides home care solutions such as assisted living and nursing services for seniors. The company’s unique platform and custom technology enhances service delivery, allowing seniors to live in their residences without compromising medical needs or quality of care. They also provide a matching model for patients and caregivers around not just medical needs, but also things like shared interests.  

CareMessage provides healthcare to low income patients through the use of mobile phone technology. It partners with large healthcare organizations that pay to use its technology, and then uses these revenues to offset the costs for free and charitable clinics, which receive the technology free of charge or at a greatly subsidized rate. Their cloud-based dashboard allows staff members to automate various kinds of interventions for patients.  

Joany’s mission is to make buying and using health insurance simple and transparent. By using their web platform anyone can buy the best health insurance for his or her specific needs within minutes. All of their customers receive a healthcare concierge service for free, which includes a personal assistant to text, chat, email or talk with to manage anything with your health insurance including things like finding a new doctor.    

Honor helps senior citizens live safely and comfortably in their own home by providing reliable, transparent, and high quality care. The company’s mobile platform serves to pair caregivers with clients and also provides monitoring so that family members can track the care a loved one is receiving. Caregivers are screened and matched to seniors based on their expertise.  

Papa is an on-demand assistance service to help seniors stay independent while living at home. They connect college students (many of whom are studying nursing, social work or hospitality) to seniors who need transportation, help with chores, technology lessons, companionship and other senior services.