Uber is facing fierce competition in Europe
Nov 10, 2018
It is hard to believe that in Europe there may be a more popular application in the taxi industry than Uber.

It is hard to believe that in Europe there may be a more popular application in the taxi industry than Uber. But, believe it or not, it happened in the Baltics, where an application named Taxify outdid Uber

The competition in Europe in this market is generally heating up. Russian Yandex is also entering the market with huge marketing budgets, and yet another Uber competitor, CarGo, is expanding in the south of Europe, in the Balkans, where it currently fights a fierce battle with officials.

Taxify’s success came in May when a $175million investment led by German carmaker Daimler made it Europe’s latest unicorn, a start-up company valued at more than $1billion. 

Taxify was founded in 2013 by a then 19-year-old Estonian (who helped to build up Skype's web backend team 10 years ago), and has become Estonia’s rapidly growing answer to Uber. The reason this application is receiving so much media attention lies in its ability to solve the general and complex problems of taxi industries around the world. Taxify has 15 million customers and half a million drivers on its platform in more than 25 countries throughout Europe, Africa and Australia, and its drivers took in a combined €1billion from rides this year.

Taxify offers two methods of rides, through licensed taxi drivers and through private drivers (ridesharing), which is the main difference compared to Uber.

Taxify operates their app, which enables people to hail rides from their smartphones. Taxify's application is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Riders choose a payment method: cash, credit card or mobile carrier billing before they can use the service. The customer requests a ride and confirms their pick-up location. The cost of the ride is obtained in advance if the final destination is specified. Once the driver accepts the trip, the customer will be able to see the driver's information such as their name, picture and car details, as well as be able to watch the driver arrive on the map. During the ride, trip information is also available on the map and shows the route and duration of the ride. At the end of the ride both the driver and the customer can rate each other.