Zoran Aćimovac
Associate for Corporate and International law, Kalanj
If you need legal assistance related to Blockchain technology, or if you are involved in sharing processes - apartments, cars, yachts and boats, gadgets or any other goods or services, I will help you to protect your property and rights.
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I specialize in the field of Sharing Economy, corporate governance, and international legal issues related to Blockchain technology. Sharing Economy is present at almost each household in developed countries. It isn’t too ambitious to claim that the economy of the 21st century is a sharing economy.

Experience of ownership of products, vehicles and properties has a completely new dimension. You are probably familiar with AirBnB and Uber, but sharing economy is present or will be present in almost any other sector.

Whether you want to share your car with other families and earn extra cash, share a camper van, share an apartment, room, working space or single desk at your office, or gaming console, parking or storage space, or furniture, I am here to legally protect you from the financial risks associated with the sharing process. My other field of expertise involves international legal issues related to Blockchain technology.

Associate for Corporate and International law